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Dept's Operation
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Dept's Operation
Personnel Office
After the reorganization, the Construction and Planning Agency (and the Taipei Second Office) now includes the following the 14 divisions and four offices: Planning, Urban Planning, Public Housing, National Parks, Building Administration, Public Works , Building Engineering, Road Engineering, Environmental Engineering, Construction, Planning Administration, Management Administration, Land Administration, Finance Administration, and 4 offices: Secretariat, Accounting, Civil Service Ethics, and Personnel.

There are also 5 other temporary divisions established for specific tasks: New Town Construction Division, Urban Regeneration Division, Office of Senior Technician, Information Management Office, and Public Relations Office. Also established to co-ordinate the work of promoting the Shoushan National Natural Park related business and management,Another task force is the Shoushan National Natural Park Preparatory Office.

For tasks such as planning, design, and construction, four offices were set up: the Northern Engineering Office, Central Engineering Office, Southern Engineering Office, and the Sewerage System Office.

Under the Central Region Office are four divisions: Construction Management, Urban and Rural Planning, Plan Reviewing, and Administrative Management.

There are ten subordinate agencies under the CPAMI, which are the headquarters for Kenting National Park, Yushan National Park, Yangmingshan National Park, Taroko National Park, Shei-Pa National Park, Kinmen National Park, Marine National Park, Taijiang National Park, and Urban and Rural Development Branch.

Lastly, CPAMI is also responsible for the administrative tasks of the Committee of Regional Plan, Urban Planning Commission, National Park Planning Committee, Disciplinary Committee for Architects, Building Technology Review Committee, Negotiation and Direction Committee of Public Facility Reservation Land, Construction Fund Management Committee, Deliberation Committee of Urban Design in Danhai New Town and Kaohsiung New Town, Urban renewal review committee, Ministry of the Interior, Supervision and Evaluation Committee for dealing with Illegal Buildings, Urban Regeneration Promotion Committee, Ministry of the Interior and Coastal Zone Management Committee.

Organizational structure 放大圖
Organizational structure

Organizational structure
Organizational structure完整說明

Duties and Responsibilities
1. Plan, review and supervise national comprehensive development and regional plans.

2. Review and supervise urban planning, urban regeneration and new town development.

3. Form, revise, and manage policies on housing, public housing, and subsidies.

4. Plan, form, supervise and manage national parks and Metropolitan parks.

5. Supervise building administration, research and review building technologies and materials, and
registration and supervision of architects.

6. Supervision of the planning and construction of urban roads, parks, water supplies, and sewerage
system and promotion of public and duct construction.

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