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2009 INTA 33 Congress in Taiwan

What is INTA

INTA (Internaional Urban Developmnet Association) is an international network that encourages the exchange of information, experience and best practives on urbna developmnet and renewal a cross the world.

Incorporated in Paris in 1974 as a non-profit association, INTA has been granted Category 2 Status with th Economic and Social Council of the United Nations and has Consultative Status with the Council of Europe.

For years, in order to meet the urgent need for new housing, towns, cities, territorial authorities and their public or private sector partners based their action on a mainly quantitative and short term logic. Today, however, political and economic leaders cannot ignore new trends in attitudes and mindsets: concerned about the deterioration in urban economic and social systems, society as a whole aspires to a better quality of life, to less inequality and therefore to greater involvement in the decision-making that shapes the future. In this new world, it is urgent for decision-makers and urban development professionals to reflect on the conditions in which it is possible to produce and regenerate towns, cities and more equal territories that reject social exclusion in any form

By focusing on controlled and equitable urban development, INTA offers its support for policies that combine economic efficiency with more balanced social conditions, being based on new urban “governance” models inspired by INTA’s key values: a sense of responsibility, dialogue, humanism and solidarity.

To learn more INTA, please visit the website -- INTA - The International Urban Development Association 

【sources: INTA website】

Taiwan vs. INTA

Taiwan delegation initially participated in INTA Congress.

Taiwan officially became the nation member of INTA.

INTA 22 in Taipei-Kaohsiung



Nov. 2, 2007
Mr. Michel Sudarskis, the Secretary General of INTA, and CPAMI signed MOU of “2009 INTA33Congress in Taiwan”.

2009 inta33congress in taiwan.

“2009 INTA 33 in Taiwan” is coming

Date : October 4 to 8, 2009
Host City :
Kaohsiung City (opening)
Taipei City (closing)
Draft Theme : Creativity, Technology and Sustainability


                             Tiapei   City                                               Kaohsiung City

【sources: Urban Regeneration Division, CPAMI】

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