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The Relevant Regulations for Foreign Sectors to participate in Taiwan.
Urban Regeneration
A. Qualifications and Investment Modes
1. Article 14, UR Act:only local sectors, which are established in accordance with the
Company Act of Taiwan, can participate in the UR business.
Foreign sectors  partnership or jointly contracts  Taiwan local sectors
2. Investment Modes:
(1) Hold shares or capital of Taiwan local sectors
(2) Establish branch companies, independent capital companies, or associate
companies, with local sectos in Taiwan
(3) Loan to the above enterprises no less than 1 year.
3. “Foreigner Investment Act”:regualtions of foreigners’investment, guarantee,
restriction and management in Taiwans.

B. The Ways for arranging Lands and Buildings located in UR areas in Taiwan
1. Public-owned lands:
(1) Not-participated:sale by public bid or sale to specific subjects, such
as rentors of the lands
(2) Participattion:
a. set up superficies or create trusts ( the area of the public-owned lands ≥ 50% of
the particular UR site area and 1000 m2)
b. Use Rights Transformaiton ( the area of the public-owned lands<50% of the
particular UR site area and 1000 m2)
2. Private-owned lands:
(1) particiate in Rights Transformation:to get the sares in accordance with individule
right values
(2) not particiation:
a. to allocate compensations or to deposite the right values in the court
b. to remove the land improvements by the implementors, or by the local governmnets, if

C. Financial sources
1. The securities and exchange manaing authority should request a UR plan to approve
the establishing of the establishment of an UR trust company, in order to issue the
UR traust benefits certification to raise the UR investment trust fund.
2. If the implementer is a newly established company and has been operating UR
projects, it can publicly recruit corporate shares.
3. If the implemtor is a company investing in real estates, it can issue specific corporate bonds to
raise funds.
4. The above sources have not put into practice in Taiwan.

D. Set up Superficies to implement UR Projects
1. Time limit, obligation and rights: to process, in accordance with the bidding
documents, in 20 ot 90 years
2. Cases:
(1) SOGO Department Dtore Taipei, 50 years;
(2) Taipei 101, 70 years;
(3) others:Tiapei World Trade Center, Grand Hyatt Taipei, and Grand Formosa Regent Taipei

【sources: Urban Regeneration Division, CPAMI】
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