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Land Use Planning The Enforcement Rules of the Spatial Planning Act(國土計畫法施行細則) 2019-02-22
Urban Regeneration Urban Renewal Act(都市更新條例 ) 2019-01-30
Land Use Planning Statute for Expediting Reconstruction of Urban Unsafe and Old Buildings(都市危險及老舊建築物加速重建條例) 2018-06-06
Land Use Planning Act for the Establishment of the National Housing and Urban Regeneration Center(國家住宅及都市更新中心設置條例) 2018-02-14
Public Works Details of levy clause of constructional advantage(工程受益費徵收條例施行細則 ) 2017-04-19
Public Housing Housing Act(住宅法) 2017-01-11
Building and Construction Condominium Administration Act Building Administration Division(公寓大廈管理條例) 2016-11-16
Public Works The Fee-Charging Standards for Usage of Urban Road(市區道路使用費收費標準) 2016-03-31
Land Use Planning Spatial Planning Act(國土計畫法) 2016-01-06
Land Use Planning Urban Planning Law(都市計畫法) 2015-12-30
Land Use Planning Coastal Zone Management Act(海岸管理法) 2015-04-02
Building and Construction Construction Industry Actt (營造業法) 2015-02-25
Public Housing Public Housing Act(國民住宅條例 ) 2015-01-15
Building and Construction Architects Act(建築師法) 2014-01-15
Land Use Planning Enforcement Rules for the Regional Plan Act(區域計畫法施行細則) 2013-10-23
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