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 1. Statistics yearbook of Construction and Planning Agency, Ministry of the Interior – CD Versions

Produced by:   Accounting Office, Construction and Planning Agency
 Production period:  Annually
 selling price:  NT$250
Brief description of contents:

The report is a compilation of the annual construction and planning related programs and projects, such as the regional planning implementation matters, urban planning programs, national park administration, public housing construction, sewage system planning, housing construction management, and building construction permit issuance matters. Information is presented with the aid of statistical graphs, charts, and analytical explanations.

 Display outlets:

The Cooperative Society of the Construction and Planning Agency
No. 342, Sec. 2, Pa-Teh Rd., Taipei City
TEL: (02) 87712579

Government Publication Bookstore (TTV Head Store)
No. 10, Sec. 3, Pa-Teh Rd., Taipei City 105
TEL: (02)25781515ext. 643

Wu Nan Bookstore
No. 2, Chung-Shan Rd., Taichung City
TEL: (04)22260330

 2. Monthly Report of Construction and Planning affair indicator

Brief description of contents:

 The report contains the key statistics data of the construction management and national park administration matters of the Construction and Planning Agency. Statistics are compiled and analyzed monthly.

 3. The General Economic Survey Report of Construction Industry

Brief description of contents:

The report contains the annual surveys conducted on the income and expense, construction project costs, actual material consumption, and the property, inventory fluctuation and environmental conservation expenditures of construction industry and civil engineering contracting industry, as well as a comparative analysis of data compiled.

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