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75 Taiwan Important Wetlands
Wetland and the forest, the sea are said that the whole global three big ecosystem, are also the highly productive areas in the world. According to 1997 Britain “Nature” the magazine appraisal, the yearly production value of global ecosystem is 33,000 billion US dollars, the global wetland system value for every year is 14,900 billion US dollars. The Ramsar conference also appraised wetland every year in 2002 the producing economy value is 15,000 billion US dollars, obviously shows the importance of wetland .
Taiwan and the respective islands are located at the subtropics, the climate is warm, the rain water is abundant, the mountain range is allover the entire island, the ravine and river extend vertically and horizontally, breeds the rich wetland environment. In the wetland system, establishes contacts the wetland network which becomes the home of the biology perches the multiplication, also gestates rich biodiversity “the wetland bank”.
CPA is currently implementing locating and marking of important marshes and coral reef areas in response to the “Ramsar Convention on Wetlands”. By December, 2007, the government recognized 75 “important marshes,” including 2 “international class” marshes with an area of 3,765 hectares, 41 places with national status with an area of 35,748 hectares, and 32 places with local status with an area of 4,865 hectares.
In 2008, CPA will apply for “International Society of Wetland Scientists” (SWS), holding “the first Asian Wetland Convention and Workshop”, subject is “Asian Wetlands, Global Position”, surely it is meaningful to Taiwan for the issue of global sustainable environment. Furthermore, we will proceed towards the following 4 major substance in “hold the discussion of wetlands and conservation system”, “publish the guidebook of national important wetlands”, “select poems, literary works and biodiversity images of wetlands” and “establish NGO guided tour and foundation of wetlands” as the year of 2008 Taiwan Wetlands
75 Taiwan Important Wetlands

Map of Taiwan Important Wetlands
International Class Wetlands: No.1~2
National Class Wetlands: No.3~43
Local Class Wetlands: No.44~75
01. Zengwun Estuary Wetland
02. Sihcao Wetland
03. Menghuan Lake Wetland
04. Guandu Wetland
05. Dahan-Sindian Wetland
06. Wazihwei Wetland
07. Danshuei River Mangrove Wetland
08. Wugu Wetland
09. Taoyuan's Reservoir and Canal Wetlands
10. Sinfong Wetland
11. Yuanyang Lake Wetland
12. Siangshan Wetland
13. Cijiawan River Wetland
14. Gaomei Wetland
15. Dadu Estuary Wetland
16. Aogu Wetland
17. Haomeiliao Wetland
18. Budai Salt Pan Wetland
19. Bajhang Estuary Wetland
20. Beimen Wetland
21. Guantian Wetland
22. Cigu Salt Pan Wetland
23. Yanshuei Estuary Wetland
24. Nanzihsiian River Wetland
25. Daguei Lake Wetland
26. Jhouzai Wetland
27. Nanren Lake Wetland
28. Longluan Lake Wetland
29. Sinwulyu River Wetland
30. Dapochih Wetland
31. Beinan Estuary Wetland
32. Siiaoguei Lake Wetland
33. Hualien Estuary Wetland
34. Fataan Wetland
35. Shuanglian Reservoir Wetland
36. Lanyang Estuary Wetland
37. 52-jia Wetland
38. Wuwei Harbor Wetland
39. Nanao Wetland
40. Chingluo Wetand
41. Cih Lake Wetland
42. Cingshuei Wetland
43. Jiianan's Reservoir and Canal Wetlands
44. Sinhai Constructed Wetland
45. Daniaopi Constructed Wetland
46. Jhubei Lianhua Templer Wetland
47. Jhunan Constructed Wetland
48. Siiangtian Lake Wetland
49. Danan Lake Wetland
50. Dongshih Constructed Wetland
51. Caonan Wetland
52. Caodi Wetland
53. Chenglong Wetland
54. Yiwu Wetland
55. Mituo Wetland
56. Bajhang River mid-section Wetland
57. Baihe Elementary school Constructed Wetland
58. Chia Nan University of Pharmacy and Science Constructed Wetland
59. Jhuhu Salt Pan Wetland
60. Yongan Salt Pan Wetland
61. Dashu Constructed Wetland
62. Niaosong Wetland
63. Linyuan Constructed Wetland
64. Yuanjhong Harbor Wetland
65. Banping Lake Wetland
66. Fongshan Reservoir Wetland
67. Wuluo River Wetland
68. Pingtung University of Science and Technology Constructed Wetland
69. National Museum of Marine Biology and Aquarium Constructed Wetland
70. Guanshan Constructed Wetland
71. Luanshan Lake Wetland
72. Jinlong Lake Wetland
73. Lioushihshih Mountain Wetland
74. Jhuan Wetland
75. Caiyuan Wetland
CPA evaluates the national important wetland, not only has“ecological value”, but also with the idea “the knowledge economy” and“urban and rural esthetics”, fills the infinite imagination, waiting for friends who care wetland. Hopefully, having the production, the life, the ecology and the wetland as main concept, establishes our country to become the global wetland conservation and the education model center.
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