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A Frontier in the South Sea
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影片長度 :25:23
分 類 : National Parks
上傳時間 : 2015-05-07
Issued by Construction and Planning Agency,Ministry of the Interior, R.O.C. Taiping Island is the largest of the Spratly Islands, and the only one with freshwater supply. The island is home to many tropical plant species unseen in other parts of Taiwan. Not only is it the rest stop for many migratory birds, it is also an important nesting site for the green turtles. Due to its location within the “Coral Triangle”, the global center of marine biodiversity, species diversity of corals and fishes are exceptionally high, here in the waters of Taiping Island. Spratly Islands, the southernmost part of Taiwan, is a treasure trove of bounteous resources, which in turn provides countless ecosystem services. While the countries bordering the South China Sea are thinking in terms of economic benefits, we have chosen to prioritize ecological preservation over development. We hope to replace the plunder of the islands’ natural resources with long-term surveys and management plans, to sustain the ecosystems in the region. (All rights reserved. You can buy this film from Government Publications Bookstore, or Wu-nan Books,Taiwan. )
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