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Embrace the splendor of national parks - "Special Exhibition of the Environment and Natural Resources of Formosa - 2015 Concern for the Environment Across Communities"
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The Environmental Protection Administration (EPA) will hold a "Special Exhibition of the Environment and Natural Resources of Formosa" in Huashan 1914 Creative Park from October 16th to 18th to promote the annual achievements of government agencies that will be merged into the Ministry of Environment and Natural Resources. This is the first exhibition to bring together industry, government, academia and research institutes under the theme "Sustainable Formosa - 2015 Concern for the Environment Across Communities", which consists of four exhibits under different themes. The theme for national parks is Embrace the Splendor, located at booth 2-1 on 2F of area 4B. On display will be conservation results of each national park headquarters, national nature park preparatory offices, and research results of the Urban and Rural Development Branch in recent years; long-term research and monitoring data will be provided in guided tours and be part of a Q&A to win prizes, explaining the value of field research in simple language to visitors. Lee Wei-Wen, Weng Tzu-Man, Liu Ke-Hsiang, Ku Ling, Shen Wu-Lin and Chiang Hsun have been invited to the event to talk about environmental protection, ecology, and national land aesthetics; their humorous speeches will introduce audiences to environmental resources from different perspectives. There are also DIY courses for parents and children, and visitors who check in and like the event on Facebook will receive small gifts. Everyone is welcome to take part in the event.

Themes of the 4 exhibits are "Creativity - Competition - Care", "Green Energy - Intelligent - Momentum", "Ecology - Conservation - Enjoy", and "Water Conservation - Proper Use - Sustainability". The conservation results exhibition was co-organized with the EPA, and is located in the "Ecology - Conservation - Enjoy" area of the "Sustainable Formosa - 2015 Concern for the Environment Across Communities". Besides the exhibit featuring the environment, visitors cannot miss the interactive activities, including fun DIY courses and Q&A with prizes. Introductions on the main stage include the four islands of southern Penghu, which have one of the world's top ten blue caves praised by international backpackers, an exploration of Dongsha Atoll National Park, the hardest to reach of all national parks, black-faced spoonbill protection, fish farm restoration, protecting treasures of national parks, and promoting environment friendly agriculture, helping visitors understand ecological issues closely related to our lives.

If you are concerned whether if Datun volcano will erupt, want to know where the most Taiwan black bears are distributed, how GPS is used for tracking Formosan sambar deer, important findings during health exams of Formosan rock monkey, how to build a bat house, rescue operation at Kenting's Banana Bay, which has the world's highest land crab species diversity, ecosystem conservation for the highest species diversity, the focus of global attention the habitat of Oncorhynchus masou formosanus, and how a vegetable farm was transformed into a world famous eco-travel destination. All of these amazing and interesting topics are at the national park exhibit.

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