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Sewer Engineering Office

The sewage from houses can contaminate our waters, causing serious water quality problems. It can also back-up into basements, causing property damage and threatening public health. Sanitary sewer system is meant to collect and convey all of the sewage that flows into sewers to a public wastewater treatment plant.

Taiwan has many important natural and cultural assets. National parks play an important role in ecological conservation and environmental education. The Construction and Planning Agency, Ministry of the Interior (CPAMI) began organizing the National Park Week together with national parks, national nature parks and metropolitan parks in 2013, using a different theme each year. This year (2015) marks the 3rd year of the event!
Urban Regeneration Div

"Taipei Nangang Marshalling Yard Urban Regeneration Project(The renewal unit one and two)" was officially announced on January 29, 2014 by Taiwan Railways Administration. The authority welcomes all the investors interested in this project! The notice for invitation is valid for150 days. The deadline of the tender is on June 27, 2014.

Urban Regeneration Div
To check and supervise the residential construction project.
Taijiang National park Headquarters
Greater Tainan black-faced spoonbill population survey

Statistics the number of Black-facedCpoonbills, and be analyzed
National Parks Div

As the ROC entered its 100th year, the first sun rays of the new day, seeming to wish the ROC a happy centenary year, were seen from Orchid Island at 6.33am on the morning of January 1, 2011 ahead of everywhere else in Taiwan,. 100 people participants in the new year and break of day welcoming activities organized by National Marine Park and Orchid Island Township Office, selected from online entrants, waited from the last day of 2010 to greet the first light of the new year.

Taroko National Park Headquarters

2010 Taroko Marathon to be held on November 6. On the day of the event traffic controls with be in place on the Central Cross-island Highway (Provincial Highway 8).The sections subject to restrictions and times: 1. Central Cross-island Highway Asia Cement factory (190.5K) to Tianxiang (1169K marker) from 4am to 2 pm. When the last runner has passed Taroko Arch the control point will be moved from Asia Cement to the south side of Taroko's Jinwen Bridge. 2.

Yushan National Park Headquarters

 In order to promotes 『Taiwan 99 National Park reach the perfection – Climb seven summits 』activities.

Kenting National Park Headquarters

In summer vacation a large number of people visit Kenting from Taiwan and overseas, with many engaging in water sports or just playing in the ocean. To ensure the safety of visitors when they engage in water sports, the national park HQ has allocated 2-3 rangers to patrol the Baisha, Dawan, Xiaowan, Sail Rock and Fishing Village Park areas during summer vacation. To protect visitor rights and preserve recreational quality, between July and September the “recreational activity safety management joint patrol plan” will be implemented jointly with the national park police and Hengchun police.

Kenting National Park Headquarters
Mar. 31, 2005

Based on the concept of maintaining marine ecology and resources, Kenting National Park established the Houbihu Marine Resource Conservation Demo Area under the direction of former Director Lee Yang-sheng of the Kenting National Park Headquarters.

After seeing the success of the starfish conservation, the National Museum of Marine Ecology and Aquarium also released top shells into the reef lake.

Kenting National Park Headquarters
Every May.
Though spring outdoor concerts, such as the Call of Spring, have become very popular in Kenting in recent years, the noise and traffic impact this brings to the environment have given people a negative impression on Kenting National Park. Therefore, in order to promote quiet and graceful music, to replace the noisy electronic music, and to mark out the wonderful natural landscapes of the park with graceful music, the Kenting National Park Headquarters specially held the Coral Sea Concert during the marine conservation week in May by combining Hengchuan folksongs at Miaobitou Park in the afternoon of 5 May 2007 in cooperation with the Chimei Cultural Foundation.
Kenting National Park Headquarters
Every Sep.

An annual event in Kenting National Park, Langcao Hawk-watching Season was held during September 16-November 13.

The opening ceremony was held at the visitor center of the Kenting Forest Recreational Area at 11:00am on September 16. Contents of the event included hawk watching: Chinese sparrow hawk and gray-faced buzzard (commonly known as the National Day Bird); the Hengchuan Peninsula Predatory Bird Ecology Show; the gray-faced buzzard conservation children drawing contest; the Kenting Hawk Meet; the Manchurian Hawk Watching Expo; keynote speeches; and the Hawk's Show.

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