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Kenting National Park HQ increases shore patrols and forms a joint patrol with local and national park police to ensure water safety for visitors

In summer vacation a large number of people visit Kenting from Taiwan and overseas, with many engaging in water sports or just playing in the ocean. To ensure the safety of visitors when they engage in water sports, the national park HQ has allocated 2-3 rangers to patrol the Baisha, Dawan, Xiaowan, Sail Rock and Fishing Village Park areas during summer vacation. To protect visitor rights and preserve recreational quality, between July and September the “recreational activity safety management joint patrol plan” will be implemented jointly with the national park police and Hengchun police. Sea inspection will include: checking the qualifications of trainers accompany visitors, visitor insurance, lifejackets and helmets, sailing rules, operating equipment management, pulling vehicle management, illegal soliciting of custom, venue layout, environmental maintenance responsibility, management of pulled floats and breaches of the National Park Act. Inspection of land recreational spots will focus on stopping the setting off of fireworks and hawking. From 4pm to 10pm every Friday and Saturday cones will be placed to separate vehicles and pedestrians in Kenting. A temporary car park will also be established behind the Kenting Forest Recreation Area arch to reduce traffic congestion.

Last Updated on 2011-12-16
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