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National Parks South Penghu Marine National Park Traditional Architectural Types' Maintenance Reward and Subsidy Regulations Marine National Park Headquarters(澎湖南方四島國家公園維護傳統建築風貌獎勵補助實施要點) 2018-12-22
Land Use Planning Act for the Establishment of the National Housing and Urban Regeneration Center(國家住宅及都市更新中心設置條例) 2018-02-14
National Parks Directions for Bicycle Lending Management by the Bicycle Story House, Kinmen National Park Headquarters(金門國家公園自行車故事館自行車借用管理要點 2017-05-19
Public Works Details of levy clause of constructional advantage(工程受益費徵收條例施行細則 ) 2017-04-19
National Parks Guidelines for Permit Applications for Entering the Ecological Protection Areas of Yushan, Taroko, and Shei-Pa National Park(進入玉山、太魯閣、雪霸國家公園生態保護區申請許可作業須知) 2017-02-23
National Parks Fee-charging Standards for Yangmingshuwu of Yangmingshan National Park(陽明山國家公園陽明書屋門票收費標準) 2017-02-13
Public Housing Housing Act(住宅法) 2017-01-11
Building and Construction Condominium Administration Act Building Administration Division(公寓大廈管理條例) 2016-11-16
Public Works The Fee-Charging Standards for Usage of Urban Road(市區道路使用費收費標準) 2016-03-31
National Parks The announcement of the waters governed by South Penghu Marine National Park applicable to "Regulations Governing Water Recreation Activities (公告澎湖南方四島國家公園所轄水域範圍適用「水域遊憩活動管理辦法」) 2016-02-05
National Parks Notice of the Type, Scope, Time, and Behavior of Water Recreation Activities in the South Penghu Marine National Park(公告澎湖南方四島國家公園水域遊憩活動種類、範圍、時間及行為) 2016-02-05
National Parks Application Regulations of Entry Permit for Different Grades of Mountain Climbing Routes in the Shei-Pa National Park (雪霸國家公園生態保護區登山路線分級入園申請規定) 2015-11-20
Land Use Planning Coastal Zone Management Act(海岸管理法) 2015-04-02
Public Housing Public Housing Act(國民住宅條例 ) 2015-01-15
National Parks Directions of Angling Activities in General Area within Dongsha Atoll National Park(東沙環礁國家公園一般管制區海域垂釣魚類活動管理要點) 2014-07-15
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