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Prohibited Activities Regulations in the Domain of Yushan National Park(玉山國家公園區域內禁止事項)
National Parks Div
Publish on 2021-01-22

玉山國家公園區域內禁止事項 (Ch)

Amended and promulgated by Order Tai-Nei-Ying-Zi No.1080806443 of the Ministry of the Interior on May 15, 2019, by amending Regulation 17; effective on the date of promulgation.

Amended and promulgated by Order Tai-Nei-Ying-Zi No.1090822870 of the Ministry of the Interior on January 22, 2021; effective on the date of promulgation.

  1. Any action involving the sale or display of hunted or collected animals, plants, and their specimens in contravention of the National Park Law and other applicable laws and regulations, is prohibited.
  2. Any collecting, selling, or displaying of antiquities, organic remains, prehistoric fossils, stalagmites, stalactites, or other special rocks and specimens or their derived products is prohibited.
  3. It is prohibited to set up stalls or peddle goods outside of the designated commercial area.
  4. It is prohibited to bring shotguns, cables, nets, clips, cages, batteries, poison, and other hunting equipment capable of capturing, hunting, harming, or poisoning wildlife into the National Park.
  5. Hanging or placing signs, strips, wires, metal plaques, or other objects that can disturb the landscape is prohibited.
  6. Lighting firecrackers or fireworks, burning joss paper, and establishing altars or facilities for votive offerings are all prohibited.
  7. It is prohibited to go beyond the trail area as designated by the Park Headquarters.
  8. It is prohibited to camp, picnic, cook, light fires, river trace, erect tents, place tables or chairs, cause disturbances, create campfires, or partake in other such activities in the parking lot or outside of designated areas without prior permission.
  9. Littering or dumping plastic products, metal products, or other man-made objects or rubbish at non-designated locations or without following proper instructions is prohibited.
  10. It is prohibited to damage any public property or facilities that are designed for the safety and benefit of the public.
  11. It is prohibited to feed wildlife.
  12. It is prohibited to release or abandon animals.
  13. It is prohibited to bring pets into the Ecological Protection Area, the Historical Preservation Area, or the Special Landscape Area (with the exception being the area along the Southern Cross-Island Highway).
    With the exception of populated areas, it is prohibited to bring pets into the Recreation Area, General Controlled Area, or the area along the Southern Cross-Island Highway without the use of security measures such as chains, leashes, crates, or cages.
  14. Possession or transportation of protected wildlife or the remains of such is strictly prohibited.
  15. With the exception of emergency evacuation, changing and altering authorized routes, itinerary, and campgrounds upon entering the Ecological Protection Area is prohibited.
  16. Unauthorized establishment of memorials or monumental facilities is prohibited.
  17. With the exception of populated areas, political activities and actions with the potential to cause social disputes or conflict are prohibited within the National Park.
  18. It is prohibited to occupy reserved parking spots or park in a way that obstructs traffic.
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