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Prohibited Activities Regulations in the Domain of Yangmingshan National Park(陽明山國家公園區域內禁止事項)
National Parks Div
陽明山國家公園區域內禁止事項 (ch)

Amended and promulgated by Order Tai-Nei-Ying-Zi No.1080809374 of the Ministry of the Interior on June 24, 2019; effective on the date of promulgation
Amended and promulgated by Order Tai-Nei-Ying-Zi No.1090808225 of the Ministry of the Interior on May 19, 2020; effective on the date of promulgation
  1. Any display, sale, transport, or collection of animals, plants, ores, and their specimens or derivative products illegally hunted or collected under the National Park Law and other applicable laws and regulations, is prohibited. The erection of nets, traps, or other hunting equipment is also prohibited.
  2. Peddling or erecting stalls without permission or authorization are prohibited.
  3. Establishment of votive offering facilities, graves, monuments, or other facilities that disturb the landscape without permission or authorization is prohibited.
  4. Hanging trail markings, grass skiing, lighting torches, candles and other comburents, kite flying, launching sky lanterns,  flying (e.g. hang gliding, paragliding, hot balloon, parasailing) and other activities that disturb the ecological environment or threaten public safety are prohibited.
  5. Camping, campfires, tents, hammocks, fires or burning of any inflammables, cooking, barbecues, using speakers, rock climbing, river tracing, water activities, and running races are all prohibited outside of the designated area of the Park.
  6. Any action of destruction, defacement, engraving, or graffiti on public property and facilities is prohibited.
  7. Feeding wildlife, releasing or abandoning animals, or feeding wandering animals without permission are prohibited.
  8. Operation of remote control machinery, or entry into dangerous areas or areas closed to the public (including entry outside opening hours) without permission are prohibited.
  9. Parking in exclusive parking spaces (accessible parking spaces), parking in places which disrupt traffic, riding or walking motorcycles or other vehicles outside of designated roads are prohibited.
  10. Political activities and behaviors having the potential to cause social disputes or conflict are prohibited
  11. Pets are not allowed in the Park's Ecological Protection Area.


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