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Directions of Fines for Violation of the Activities Prohibited in the Domain of Kenting National Park(違反墾丁國家公園區域內禁止事項裁處罰鍰數額表)
National Parks Div
違反墾丁國家公園區域內禁止事項裁處罰鍰數額表 (ch)

Amended and promulgated by Order Tai-Nei-Ying-Zi No.1080810265 of the Ministry of the Interior on July 4, 2019

Prohibited Activities Fines (NT$)
(Irrespective of repetition)
1. Selling or displaying hunted or collected animals, plants, and their specimens in contravention of the National Park Law and other applicable laws and regulations. 3000
2. Gathering, collecting, selling, or displaying stalagmites, stalactites, prehistoric fossils, shells, shell sand, coral rocks, and other rocks and specimens or their derived products. Those who have proof that such specimens did not originate from Kenting National Park are exempt from this regulation. 3000
3. Peddling, setting up vending stalls, or selling goods by other means outside of the permitted area. 3000
4. Livestock grazing in unapproved areas outside of the general area or within 20 meters from the main road. 3000
5. Unauthorized placement of containers, vending stalls, or other similar structures that seriously disturb the landscape within Kenting National Park. 3000
6. Operating business surrounding all-terrain vehicles, sandboarding, or land sailing. 3000
7. Undertaking climbing at the areas around and including Dajian Mountain, Frog Rock, or Sail Rock. 3000
8. Lighting fireworks and firecrackers (with the exceptions of: Lunar New Year's Eve, the first to the fifth day of Lunar New Year, Lantern Festival, Ching Ming Festival, Dragon Boat Festival, Ghost Festival, Mid-Autumn Festival, New Year's Eve events, and other sacrificial holidays, local folk rituals, and religious occasions). 3000
9. Projecting any light, casting sky lanterns, camping, barbecuing, or having campfire activities outside of legal campgrounds, and parking recreational vehicles, trailers, or other similar structures. 3000
10. Feeding wildlife or releasing orabandoning animals. 3000
11. Setting up umbrellas or swimming at Dawan Beach and its waters (East of Kenting Disiyisanhao Bridge until the Temple of the Dutch Princess ("Babao Gongzhu Temple")). 3000
12. Entering the Maobitou Park boardwalk. 3000
13. Dropping anchors above the coral reef. 3000
14. Hosting outdoor musical activities outside of designated areas. 3000
15. Participating in the following recreational activities by coastal waters: a. Swimming and treading on water in the case that continuous wave height is over 1 meter and red flags are erected along the shore line. b. Snorkeling, shore diving, boat diving, and participating in other diving activities in the case that continuous wave height is over 1.5 meters and red flags are erected along the shore line. c. Jet Skiing and participating in other vehicle activities in the case that continuous wave height is over 2 meters and red flags are erected along the Jet Ski terminals. d. Participating in any activity with non-powered inflatable floating gear other than surfing in the case that the average wind force is at level 5 or that gusts reach above level 7, and red flags are erected on the shore line. 3000
16. Operating remote control drones without permission. 3000
17. Participating in political activities and actions with the potential to cause social disputes or conflict in areas other than populated areas within Kenting National Park. 3000
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