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the number of existing Formosan black bears that live in the wilderness is estimated to be around 200 to 600.

For the first-time, foreign visitors to Taiwan would immediately notice images of the Formosan black bear (Ursus thibetanus formosanus) and build associative impressions connecting with the animal within short periods of time. Formosan black bears are seen as a star species and a symbolic representative of Taiwan.

Taroko National Park Headquarters

In order to improve safety of facilities, Tailu management office will start preventive construction on strengthening slope structures and working tunnel entrance.

Yushan National Park Headquarters
In 2016, Yushan National Park commissioned Ray Studio's film director, Yang Xiangwen, to film the promotional video, "Mountaineering to Yushan" which won The Accolade's "Best of Show" award in the US, and the Spanish Festival Terres Catalunya's "Short Film/Documentary" Award under the Sustainable Tourism and Ecology category.
Shei-Pa National Park Headquarters
On October 19, 2017, the Shei-Pa National Park received the 15th Golden Archives Award for Government Organizations. The award was presented to Director Ming-Shan Zhong and his colleagues at the National Central Library. A total of 323 organizations have competed for this award, and 21 awards were issued based on the review results.
Taijiang National park Headquarters
The Taijiang National Park Management Office has taken on the important mission of wetland protection since its inception. "Taijiang Wetland School" is the environmental education brand of the Taijiang National Park Management Office that provides diversified environmental education and training services. 
Kinmen National Park Headquarters
To provide good reception to the tourists, the Lieyu Visitor Center has been closed since March 2017 to undergo the relevant facility improvement constructions, re-newed the floor foundation, replaced the service center with stainless steel, added the service desk matte and repaired the access ramp at the entrance.
Between April and December 2017,  Truku people will give outdoor performances  at the Taroko Visitor Center square
Taroko National Park Headquarters

Adhering to the intent to develop ecotourism and the local cultural industries, Taroko National Park Headquarters organizes the “Truku Music Concert” and “Truku Traditional Craft and Culture Exploration” activities every year.

So far, it is the eleventh session. In addition to being the important activities to inherit the legacy of indigenous cultures and experience, these activities have attracted travelers worldwide to listen to the wonderful music and experience craft beauty of Truku tribe.

Kenting National Park Headquarters
The traffic is heavy in some roads in Kenting National Park. As they are close to nearby animal habitats, they are also the passage of animals. Among these roads, the section between Siangjiao Bay and Shadao and the harbor area are the passage for land crab mothers to lay eggs in the sea.
Yushan National Park Headquarters
From July 7, 2017, Yushan National Park Headquarters (YSNPH) will organize the "Fun of Wood Fired Pottery on Yushan" exhibition at the Shuili Visitor Center. The exhibitors have specifically selected 82 excellent wood-fired pottery works, such as Himalayan Juniper, Formosan Black Bear, and other animals and plants.
Taroko National Park Headquarters
The construction of the Central Cross-Island Highway or Provincial Highway 8 penetrating Taroko National Park was initiated on July 7, 1956 and completed on May 9, 1960, with a construction period of three years, nine months, and 18 days. 
Yangmingshan National Park Headquarters
The chestnut tiger (Parantica sita) is one of the attractive species of Yangmingshan National Park. Every May to June, the massive reproduction period of the species, tens of thousands of visitors swarm with the area to appreciate the beauty of the butterfly. 
At the presentation ceremony of the 50th WorldFest-Houston International Film & Video Festival (WorldFest-Houston) of the USA was held on April 30, national park headquarters shined over the event with the following results: the Fertile Fields, Fruitful Seas of Taijiang National Park Headquarters won a gold in the Ecology / Environment / Conservation category; the Bejeweled Ring in the South China Sea Dongsha of Marine National Park Headquarters won a silver in the Educational / Instructional - Adult category; and The Starlight Ninja:Small Indian Civet of Yangmingshan National Park Headquarters won a bronze in the Ecology / Environment / Conservation category.
All national parks in Taiwan co-organized the 2017 National Park Festival. The two festival sections include the main show at the Construction and Planning Agency (CPA) and local show at park preparatory office or part headquarters (visitor centers). 
Parents and children doing it together to create art works with local plants materials
Taichung Metropolitan Park
Dadu Mountain of Taichung has unique geological feature or red gravel layers resulting in natural phenomenon such drought, water shortage, soil infertility and others. Although it was not appropriate for agricultural activities in the early days, its unique geographical environment developed into the unique culture and history of “the red knuckle” with the Metropolitan Park acting like a sparkling emerald that is both charming and glamorous.
The Cirque of Mt. Snow in snow is splendid and magnificent. Please get prepared before enjoying its wonder.
Yushan National Park Headquarters
When mountaineering during the snow season, we need to prepare adequate gear, such as ice tools including axes, crampons, safety helmets, and ropes, and pre-mountaineering training in snow is the most important. Sufficient snow activity experience is another key to safe mountaineering during the snow season.
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