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The Taijian National Park Headquarters commissioned Professor Ying Wang of the National Taiwan Normal University to implement its "Taijian National Park Black-faced spoonbill population distribution and habitat investigation program," tagging the black-faced spoonbills with satellite transmitters and traditional radio transmitters to track their positions in wetlands on their global migration paths.
Don't know where to go to escape the heat of the summer? Why not plan a field trip to the Kaohsiung Metropolitan Park and relax under the blue sky? You can appreciate the beautiful flowers in the park, listen to the sound of the chirping of the Cryptotympana atrata, and start your summer by frolicking in the green grass and forests of the park.
National Parks Div
The CPAMI and all National Park Headquarters began hosting the National Park Youth Camp from 2009 to instill concepts of ecological conservation in youths. The events take youths to the great outdoors, using the natural environments of mountains, streams and oceans as classrooms, teaching youths about simple and self-sustaining ways of life through camping, and learning to reduce unwanted impacts on the environment.
National Parks Div
As of Dec. 6, 2011, the first national park of Taiwan, "Shoushan National Park", has been included within the national park system to be protected. In the future, this establishment will be further promoted in succession in other areas.
Yangmingshan National Park Headquarters
Biodiversity conservation includes conservation of species, genes and biological habitats. Within the ecological system, organisms and non-organisms have a co-dependent and co-existing relationship. Humans, too, are attached to this system as well.
National Parks Div
The Taiwan Ocean Research Institute (TORI)'s Dr. Chen Zheng-ping andthe president of the Chinese Underwater Photography Association Mr. CaiYong-chun discovered an unrecorded Ptereleotridae while diving in Kenting duringFebruary this year.
Yushan Azalea
Shei-Pa National Park Headquarters
The magnificent Yushan Azalea will be blossoming in the Xue Mountainglacial cirques at the end of May!
Shei-Pa National Park Headquarters
The headquarters of Shei-Pa National Park held an "InternationalForum on the Joint Vision of Taiwan's and Bhutan's National Parks" on April 13,2012.
Oasis on the Sea—Dongsha Marine Chapter
Marine National Park Headquarters
In 2011, the Marine National Park Headquarters (MNPH) published an explanation manual titled "Oasis on the Sea-Dongsha Marine Chapter" that introduces the Dongsha Atoll and the diversity of the peripheral marine environment and organisms.
The world's smallest coral reef benthic fish species—Trimmatom nanus/ Photographed by Chen Yi Xiong.
Marine National Park Headquarters
Dongsha Atoll National Park recorded a new species for Taiwan upon the discovery of the world's smallest coral reef benthic fish species-Trimmatom nanus. This type of marine fish is petite in size, with female adult fish growing to a length of roughly 9 mm.
The City planning commission of Ministry of Internal Affairs Has Approved the Second Periodical Overall Review of the Urban Planning for Kaohsiung New Town
New Town Construction Division

The Urban Planning for Kaohsiung New Town which constituted in 1994 is the land use plan which guides Kaohsiung New Town 's development in the medium term over the next 10 to 15 years. It is reviewed every three to five years and translates the broad long-term strategies of the master Plan into detailed plans to guide development.

The Kaohsiung Metropolitan Parkperiodically holds art and cultural exhibitions at the seminar classrooms andexhibition halls to raise cultural sensitivity and literacy in the generalpublic.
How much do you know about the beautiful scenery of Taiwan's National Parks? To furtherincreasing the public understanding of Taiwan,the CPAMI has gathered talented guides from around Taiwan to shoot a series of "MobileGuide" short videos in 40 scenic locations, available as an option for peopleinterested in exploring the beauty of the national parks.
Professor Yi-Chun Cheng determined that young sea turtles have already hatched.
Marine National Park Headquarters
On August 23rd, 2011, it was discovered that Green Sea turtles have came ashore and laid eggs in the Dongsha Atoll National Park.
Emerald nerite – Green Jewel in seagrass /Photo by Hsiu-Min Wang
Marine National Park Headquarters
The Dongsha Atoll National Park has the largest seagrass bed in Taiwan. This lush expanse of undersea green carpet is also the home of the Smaragdia rangiana, commonly known as the Emerald nerite.
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