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Yano san share internship experience
Reported by: electronicnewsletter edition team, National Parks of Taiwan
Photos provided by:teamof National Parks of Taiwan
Sino-Japanese Modern Engineering and Technology Symposium - Japan's National Park Administration
The "Sino-Japanese Modern Engineering and Technology Symposium" is an important platform for exchange between Taiwan and Japan in the field of engineering technology.
Gangkou Community of Manzhou Township planned a special travel package this year for visitors to enjoy the sun's first rays. Two batches will be held on 1/1 and 1/2, each batch with a quota of 30 participants at only NT$888 per person; participants will also receive an exquisite souvenir. 
Premier Mao Chi-Kuo of the Executive Yuan listened to a report by the Ministry of the Interior on "Implementation Results of National Park Sustainable Development" today (10th), and indicated that the system of protected areas makes important contributions to maintaining the well-being of mankind and the sustainable development of national land. 
The Construction and Planning Agency commissioned the GIS Research Center, Feng Chia University to establish the "Online Application for Entry Permission to Taiwan's National Parks", which integrates the online application system of three high mountain national parks, namely Yushan National Park, Taroko National Park, and Shei-Pa National Park, providing a single portal for people to apply for entry permission.
Joining Hands to Make Breakthroughs and Creating the Future – 2015 National Park Partnership Experience Sharing Forum
The Construction and Planning Agency (CPA) under the Ministry of the Interior will be holding a “National Park Partnership Experience Sharing Forum” in the International Conference Room of the College of Science, National Taiwan University (Shih-Liang Hall at No.1, Sec.4, Roosevelt Rd., Daan District, Taipei City) on November 12th, 2015 (Thursday), in hopes of promoting partnerships with national parks. Experts, scholars and NGO representatives will be invited to the forum, where they will explore opportunities for future partnerships with national parks together with staff members and volunteers of national park headquarters.
Yangmingshan National Park Headquarters
With regard to the frequent reports of mountain climbers getting lost on Mt. Dajianhou, the response of Yangmingshan National Park Headquarters is as follows: Mt. Dajianhou is located in Mt. Huangzuei Ecological Conservation Area of Yangmingshan National Park and is on the windward side of the northeast monsoon. 
Embrace the splendor of national parks -
The Environmental Protection Administration (EPA) will hold a "Special Exhibition of the Environment and Natural Resources of Formosa" in Huashan 1914 Creative Park from October 16th to 18th to promote the annual achievements of government agencies that will be merged into the Ministry of Environment and Natural Resources.
Yangmingshan National Park Headquarters
Yangmingshan was planned into "Datun National Park" during the Japanese Colonial Period, but the plan was not carried out due to World War II. After the National Park Law was enacted in 1972, Kenting National Park and Yushan National Park were established in 1982 and 1984, respectively.
2015 National Park Week -
National Parks Div
Taiwan has many important natural and cultural assets. National parks play an important role in ecological conservation and environmental education. The Construction and Planning Agency, Ministry of the Interior (CPAMI) began organizing the National Park Week together with national parks, national nature parks and metropolitan parks in 2013, using a different theme each year. This year (2015) marks the 3rd year of the event!
Langcao Hawk-watching Season
Kenting National Park Headquarters

The opening ceremony was held at the visitor center of the Kenting Forest Recreational Area at 11:00am on September 16.

National Parks Div
The 7th National Park Youth Camp will be unveiled in the summer of 2015!
Experience nature, culture and passion on a trip to Taroko in the spring!
Taroko National Park Headquarters
Taroko National Park is filled with canyons, forests and tribal culture. Many spectacular events are held during spring each year and showcase the vigorous land, inviting people to go for an outing during early spring.
Shei-Pa National Park Headquarters
Shei-Pa National Park is holding “Spend a night at a tribe at Xuejian and explore: an ecotour at the crown of a 21-meter tree” so that people who love the outdoors may, under the guide of professionals, experience more about the history and nature of the national park, take their experience home, and become active advocates for the environment.
Exchanges and growth. The 2015 annual joint conference of volunteers at national parks and urban parks is held in Taichung.
National Parks Div
Construction and Planning Agency, the Ministry of the Interior has started in 2001, the International Year of Volunteers, a tradition of annual joint conference of volunteers at national parks and urban parks in Taiwan. The membership includes all national parks, national nature parks, and urban parks. Each year, one park and its volunteer organization host the annual conference.
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