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Kenting National Park Headquarters
Kinmen National ParkHeadquarters began organizing eco-travel bicycle rides around the island inNovember each year since 2011. The activity received excellent responses andthis year it will be held on November 8th, 2014 under the theme "PassingThrough the Corridor of Time."
Kenting National Park Headquarters
The October celebration isin Manzhou. The gray-faced buzzard that visits Manzhou every year has arrived.Kenting National Park Headquarters' hawk watching activity series organized incooperation with communities in past years have attracted great numbers of hawkfans.
Taijiang National park Headquarters
This conference invitedforeign scholars and experts formerly at Asian trade locations of the VOC toshare their restoration experiences.
Taroko National Park Headquarters
Taroko National Park hasmany beautiful places. Besides walking into the national park and exploring itsanimals, plants, mountains, rivers and rocks, you can also experience thenational park with your senses - vision, hearing smell, and touch.
Kenting National Park Headquarters
Kenting National Park Headquarters developed a smart phone App to promote its eco tours, and welcomes the public to download the App to receive the latest information on eco tours.
Taroko National Park Headquarters
The famous tourist attraction in Taroko National Park-Baiyang Trail was severely damaged by thestrong winds and rain brought by typhoon Matmo
Marine National Park Headquarters
A researcher of the MarineNational Park Headquarters discovered three strangely looking fish of the family Gobiidae at an extremely shallow seaweed bed when patrolling the lagoon mouth on the west coast of Dongsha Island.
Cross-border Integrated Research on Formosan Sambar Deer: New Discovery of Genetic Structure in Formosan Sambar Deer Population
National Parks Div
Sambar deer is distributed in South Asia and Southeast Asia, reaching Taiwan to the east, India to the west, Sumatra to the south, and Tibet to the north. Taiwan is located at the furthest east of the natural distribution of sambar deer, and Formosan sambar deer's habitat is the highest in terms of latitude and altitude among all sambar deer.
Taroko National Park Headquarters
Tourists like to visit themountains during the heat of summer. In response to the increased number oftourists that like water activities, Taroko National Park Headquarters hasrecruited additional personnel to strengthen patrol of Shakadang River during thesummer, advising tourists not to enter the river valley, so as to protecttourists' safety and the rich ecological resources of Shakadang River.
National Parks Div
The removal of Acanthasterplanci in the sea areasurrounding Xiji Island has entered the 4th consecutive year, andthe number of Acanthasterplanci removed has increased sequentially each year.
Kinmen National Park Headquarters
After two weeks (2014/6/6-6/20) of voting in the second stage of the naming activity for Kinmen's baby otter brothers, Big Jin (older brother) and Small Jin (younger brother) received the highest number of votes with 1,144 votes (33.98%), becoming the formal names for the otter brothers.
Kinmen National Park Headquarters
The greenhouse effect hascaused extreme climates and Kinmen's otter brothers once again take on themission to promote "stop global warming," calling on everyone to conserveenergy and lower the carbon dioxide content in the atmosphere to less than 350ppm,so as to protect the environment we live in.
Shoushan National Nature Park
Friends who love nature in Shoushan, you are invited to join the ranks of Shoushan conservation interpretation volunteers! Shoushan National Nature Park Preparatory Office is in the second year of recruiting conservation interpretation volunteers.
Micro Travel on National Park Week in 2014!
National Parks Div

Construction and Planning Agency, Ministry of the Interior in 2013 planned the first National Park Week, an innovative activity series that invites the public to go outdoors and experience the unique beauty of nature, landscapes, culture, and ecology in national parks.

Taichung Metropolitan Park
Taichung Metropolitan Park began organizing the Purple Crow ButterflySeason every April-June since 2006 in light of purple crow butterfliesreturning north.
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