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Shoushan National Nature Park
\The ecology camp "Young Swinhoe's Exploration of Shoushan" organized byShoushan National Nature Park begins recruiting youth adventurers today!
Rebuilding of Changchun and Chunhuibridges on the old Central Cross-Island Highway Completed
Taroko National Park Headquarters
Rebuildingwork on Changchunand Chunhui bridges on the old Central Cross-Island Highway was begun after they weredemolished last year. The rebuilding of the bridges was completed on time as aresult of the energetic efforts of the construction units involved.
The Grand Opening of the 18th Anniversary Celebrations for Kaohsiung Metropolitan Park
Kaohsiung Metropolitan Park
The second phase of the park, which used to be the Xiqingpu Landfill, is alsocompleted. The park has a total area of 95 hectares, making it the largestmetropolitan park in the nation. It is also the first metropolitan park in thenation that is successfully converted from a landfill.
Taijiang National park Headquarters
Besides continuing research on the conservationof Platalea minor, Taijiang National Park Administration also studied Taijiang'sculture and history, traditional industries, and protected area in 2013.
Taroko Tribal Music Festival
Taroko National Park Headquarters
The Taroko Tribal Music Festival and Cultural Market have been held in the national park for many years, giving visitors an opportunity to get to know the culture of the Taroko tribe through appreciating music and dance, and are very popular.
Kaohsiung Metropolitan Park
As Chinese New Year approaches, everyone is busy cleaning house to prepare for new year celebrations. The Construction and Planning Agency, Ministry of the Interior, will host a "Spring Festival Couplets for the Year of the Horse" event in the hallway of the Visitor Service Center, Kaohsiung Metropolitan Park, on Sunday, January 19.

To promote the rich ecosystem and biodiversity of Dongsha Marine National Park, the Marine National Park Headquarters will hold "Falling in Love with the Ocean" activities at 10 am on the first Sunday of every month in 2014. Topics covered will include seashore plants, coral reef habitat, marine life, and seaweed beds.

Taroko National Park Headquarters
It is about to snow again in the HehuanMountain area. To maintain traffic flow and tourist safety in the mountainous area during the snow season, the Taroko National Park Administration and other related divisions will work together to enforce "Snow Season Traffic-Dispersion Measures" for the Hehuan Mountain area.
Shei-Pa National Park Headquarters
Since the first snow this season in the 3,000-meter-high mountainous areas of SheipaNational Park in late November, the nighttime temperature there has dropped below 0°C, and some regions have become frozen and icy. The public are advised to keep warm for their winter hikes in high-altitude mountains and to prepare the necessary hiking and climbing equipment to tackle weather changes in the mountains.
The History of Taiwanese Mountaineering is the Story of People
National Parks Div

Taiwan's three alpine national parks cover more than two-thirds of the island's peaks. The national parks have always worked hard to provide mountaineering services to visitors.

Yangmingshan National Park Headquarters
To encourage the public to embrace hiking and learn more from nature, the Yangmingshan National Park Headquarters cordially invites citizens to join us in ushering in the New Year by climbing Mt. Qixing, the highest peak in Yangmingshan National Park, during the "2014 New Year's Day Mt. Qixing Climb-A-Thon".
Shei-Pa National Park Headquarters
Shattered by the torrential storm brought by Typhoon Soulik on July 13th, 2013, many sections of the road leading to the Sheijian Retreat Area of Sheipa National Park were ruined by collapsing terrain. After careful investigation of the road by the Sheipa National Park Administration, the "Reconstruction Plan of Simaxianlin Road" to fix damage caused by the typhoon was enacted immediately.
National Parks Div
o boost the development of the entertainment industry-including film making, TV programs, and music videos-and to promote city tourism and Taiwan's natural landscapes, the filming project sponsored by the Department of Cultural Affairs will be shot at Menghuan Pond parking lot and the grassland opposite to the pond. From December 2, 2013 to January 10, 2014 (excluding weekends), traffic may be restricted for designated sections of Zhonghu Road of Armaments between Lengshuikeng and Jingshan.
Yangmingshan National Park Headquarters
To offer a more systematic educational environment and garner more public participation, ‎YangmingshanNational Park implemented its plan for "Professional Environmental Education Instruction and Innovative Course Planning and Implementation.
Marine National Park Headquarters
A constant growing number of sharptooth lemon sharks have recently been discovered by research conducted by the Dongsha Atoll National Park. According to the research, there are about 300-400 baby sharks, 23.62-39.37 inches (60-100 cm) in length and are speculated to be living their first 3 years of life in areas around Dongsha islands. 
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