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Taijiang National park Headquarters
The groundbreaking ceremony for the "Taijiang National Park Headquarters' Administration and VisitorCenter" was held by the Taijiang National Park Administration Office on November 24, 2013.
Shei-Pa National Park Headquarters
As the second highest mountain in Taiwan, Mt.Shei is the most popular holiday and everyday destination for tourists visiting Shei-PaNational Park. However, many mountaineers end up sleeping in the hallways at mountain resorts or in the open air because they do not have the relevant information and thus cannot apply for beds.
Kinmen National Park Headquarters
It was recently reported by residents that the natural and public environments had been damaged by nets set up privately at Cihu Lake and Shuangli Lake. The Kinmen National Park Administration Office are set to work with the park rangers of Kinmen National Park to strengthen aquatic patrols in the park to better conserve its aquatic ecosystems.
Yushan National Park Headquarters
Recently, Formosan rock macaques have caused biting and scratching injuries to ten tourists at the Tataka area in Yushan National Park. Therefore, the Yushan National Park Headquarters is calling on all visitors to keep their distance from the monkeys.
Taroko National Park Headquarters
In order to promote national park conservation and environmental education, Taroko National Park and the Tienhsiang Youth Activity Center have organized the "Cross-Island Highway Leaf Peeping Activities" to be hosted from November 30 to December 1, 2013. 
Marine National Park Headquarters
At 9:00 a.m., 4 October 2013, Marine National Park Headquarters (MNPH) will hold the MNPH 6th Anniversary and Marine Conservation Achievement Workshop in Kaohsiung Metropolitan Park. Citizens are welcome to join us.

Volunteering at a national park is attractive to many people. Compared to other volunteer jobs, being a national park volunteer suggests a person is enthusiastic, dedicated, professional, and compassionate towards nature. The recruitment always attracts many people to sign up for the post. There are about 2,400 volunteers in our national parks.

The "First Green Sprouts Award--Excellent Environmental Education Publications Contest" hosted its awards ceremony on August 24, 2013, when winning national park publications were announced. The volume "UnchartedTerritory: Ecological Sketches of Orchid Island" was published by the MarineNational Park and won the Excellence Award in Books in the Adult Section.
The History of Taiwanese Mountaineering is the Story of People

Taiwan's three alpine national parks cover more than two-thirds of the island's peaks. The national parks have always worked hard to provide mountaineering services to visitors. This is not just the responsibility and obligation of a national park, but a goal which the park should be constantly striving towards.

Bringing Nature into Everyday Life
Yangmingshan National Park Headquarters
Environmental awareness has been gaining attention in recent years, along with growing emphasis on environment education by society. Sustainable development is only attainable when people's values and attitude align with correct environmental knowledge.

In order to ensure the safety of all visitors and to prevent the rabies outbreak from spreading, the following announcements have been issued and apply to all National Parks:

Shei-Pa National Park Headquarters
The Shei-Pa National Park Headquarters is hosting a series of '21st birthday' events. The Headquarters is giving away self-cultivated native plant seedlings, such as Ceylon Ardisia, pratia, formosan torenia, and the formosan apple, to visitors at the WenshuiVisitorCenter starting 9:30 a.m., July 20, 2013.
Marine National Park Headquarters
To evaluate the coral ecology of the seas of the Southern Penghu Four Islands and remove coral-endangering crown-of-thorns starfish (Acanthaster planci), the Marine National Park Headquarters (MNPH) teamed up with the Penghu Marine Biology Research Center (Taiwan Fisheries Research Institute) and Penghu County Bureau of Agriculture and Fisheries to conduct a three-day overall survey on the coral ecology of the seas of the Southern Penghu Four Islands and hosted crown-of-thorns starfish removal activities from June 17 to 19, 2013.
Kaohsiung Metropolitan Park

Kaohsiung Metropolitan Park will be hosting the "Care For Taiwan" lecture series on May 18, 2013 from 10:00 a.m. to 12:00 p.m. in the park's Environmental Education Center Multimedia Presentation Room. The park has invited Kaohsiung Nature Observation Society President, Mr. Hsieh Chun-wan to conduct his lecture, "Nordic Travel Experiences: The Effect of Altitude on Plants". The lecture is open to the public and is free of charge.

Taroko National Park Headquarters wins a bronze medal at the 46th WorldFest-Houston with Echoing Taroko
Taroko National Park Headquarters
Earlierthis year, Taroko National Park HQ's aborigine documentary Echoing Taroko won a Merit Prize in the short film category in TheAccolade competition in California;then, in April, the film won a bronze medal at the 46th WorldFest-Houston; thesesuccesses have made the film the pride of the Taroko tribe.
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