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Three counts of lost way a week on Shoushan, Preparation Office of Shoushan National Natural Park reminds citizens to pay attention to personal safety.
Shoushan National Nature Park
Publish on 2016-12-15

Three counts of lost way were reported in one week on Mt. Shoushan. Thanks to the concerted efforts of the police, fire department, the Preparation Office of Shoushan National Natural Park, and volunteers, all citizens were rescued.

Concluding these lost way cases found that citizens reported such cases between 4:00 pm to 6:00 pm. At the turn from autumn to winter, the night falls very quickly on Mt. Shoushan and people will lose their way more easily.

Citizens are advised to pay attention to the time and personal safety while hiking and keep their route on the plank which is the main route of the park. Citizens are strongly advised to return before 4:00 pm. If they cannot make it by 4:00 pm and lose their way, please keep calm and call the police or Preparation Office of Shoushan National Natural Park, tell them your location and route, and describe the distinctive geographical features in the location to facilitate rescue workers to head for the scene.
Last Updated on 2016-12-15
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