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Kaohsiung Metropolitan Park Nature Games for Families: Changes of Colors in Light
Kaohsiung Metropolitan Park
Publish on 2016-12-15
"What is light?" "Does light have colors? "Why?"
"Why does blue light hurt our eyes?" If you want to know more, please join us.
Place: Environmental Education Hall, Kaohsiung Metropolitan Park. Registration: On-site registration on the event day (vacancies: 50, until vacancy lasts).
Applicants: Children attending intermediate class of kindergarten and parents. Remarks:
1. Registration begins at 09:50 until 11:00 on the event day.
2. The organizer will take photos of or film the event for future publicity. Please inform staff if you do not agree to be filmed.
3. When there is a typhoon or torrential event on the event day, please contact park headquarters to confirm if the event will be held.
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