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National park films won gold, silver, and bronze from 50th WorldFest-Houston
Publish on 2017-06-14

At the presentation ceremony of the 50th WorldFest-Houston International Film & Video Festival (WorldFest-Houston) of the USA was held on April 30, national park headquarters shined over the event with the following results: the Fertile Fields, Fruitful Seas of Taijiang National Park Headquarters won a gold in the Ecology / Environment / Conservation category; the Bejeweled Ring in the South China Sea Dongsha of Marine National Park Headquarters won a silver in the Educational / Instructional - Adult category; and The Starlight Ninja:Small Indian Civet of Yangmingshan National Park Headquarters won a bronze in the Ecology / Environment / Conservation category.

WorldFest-Houston is one of the three oldest film festivals of the USA. A total of 74 countries with over 4,300 works participated in the event this year. The 100% award-winning shows the effort and contribution of national park management in education and guided tour services.

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