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Road builders in Mountain Tattooing: Central Cross Highway in Painting
Taroko National Park Headquarters
Publish on 2017-07-11

The construction of the Central Cross-Island Highway or Provincial Highway 8 penetrating Taroko National Park was initiated on July 7, 1956 and completed on May 9, 1960, with a construction period of three years, nine months, and 18 days. 2017 marks the 60th anniversary of the project's initiation and the 57th anniversary of its completion, Taroko National Park Headquarters has specifically invited artist Ru-qing Li to exhibit 18 ink-wash paintings and illustrations in his Mountain Tattooing: Central Cross Highway series in the exhibition room of the visitor center. The exhibition period is July 5-September 3, 2017. As summer is the high season for family trips, visitors and those who are interested in paintings are welcome to discover the other side of the Central Cross-Island Highway through ink-wash and the Tattooing Mountain picture book.
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