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"Fun of Wood Fired Pottery on Yushan" Exhibition
Yushan National Park Headquarters
Publish on 2017-07-28
From July 7, 2017, Yushan National Park Headquarters (YSNPH) will organize the "Fun of Wood Fired Pottery on Yushan" exhibition at the Shuili Visitor Center. The exhibitors have specifically selected 82 excellent wood-fired pottery works, such as Himalayan Juniper, Formosan Black Bear, and other animals and plants.

At this exhibition, YSNPH has invited artists Chih-chiang, Liao, Xin-ming Hsu, and Zhi-yi Yang from Chichi, Zhushan, and Pingtung to display their works at the Shuili Visitor Center. By combining the pottery art with ecological conservation, the exhibition aims to present another form of art from Taiwan. The event period is from July 7, 2017 to 31 December 2017. All are welcome to enjoy this event of art and ecology at the Shuili Visitor Center in Yushan National Park.

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