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The Film, "Mountaineering to Yushan", Shines in Portugal's Film Festival
Yushan National Park Headquarters
Publish on 2017-11-09

In 2016, Yushan National Park commissioned Ray Studio's film director, Yang Xiangwen, to film the promotional video, "Mountaineering to Yushan" which won The Accolade's "Best of Show" award in the US, and the Spanish Festival Terres Catalunya's "Short Film/Documentary" Award under the Sustainable Tourism and Ecology category. This year, the video also attended the ART&TUR: Portuguese International Tourism Film Festival, and stood out from 41 participating countries to win the first place for the Documentary under the Expeditions and Travelling category and the best "Short Film/Documentary" award.

Via advanced group bookings, the general public can watch the video "Mountaineering to Yushan" in Shuili Visitor Center or go straight to Tataka, Meishan, Nanan Visitor Centers to watch the video and experience the high-mountain spiritual feast.

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