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A safe passage for land crab mothers
Kenting National Park Headquarters
The traffic is heavy in some roads in Kenting National Park. As they are close to nearby animal habitats, they are also the passage of animals. Among these roads, the section between Siangjiao Bay and Shadao and the harbor area are the passage for land crab mothers to lay eggs in the sea.

This year, traffic control will be implemented on 2km of Provincial Highway 26, from mileage 39.5k to mileage 41.5k by reducing the dual-two-lane highway to dual-lane only. The control times will be 18:30 to 20:30 on July 8-10 and October 4-6. During the control period, the section will be closed for 120 seconds on the hour and every ten minutes. A trial will be implemented on the whole section of Provincial Highway 26 during 18:30 to 20:30 on August 6-8 and September 5-7. Kenting National Park hopes all drivers can cooperate with the policy. With your patience, friendliness, courtesy, and slow actions, the road to reproduction of land crabs will be safer.

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