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Taroko N.P.Open/ Provincial Highway 9 traffic control information for January 20202020-01-02
Urban Regeneration DivIncreases tax relief for the participation of urban renewal to reduce the burden on landlords2019-11-21
Planning Administration DivThe Ministry of the Interior to carefully review and approve the urban-rural development zones designated by the county and city governments2019-11-14
Public Works DivisionEffectively Manage Urban Underground Pipelines to Improve Road Quality2019-11-13
Planning Administration DivConnect with Locals to Promote Coastal Zone Management2019-11-13
CPAMINational Park Staff and Community Cooperate to Direct Film Presentation2019-11-11
Urban and Rural Development BranchLearning From Japan’s Experience to Kickstart Taiwan’s Placemaking Efforts The 33rd Sino-Japanese Modern Engineering and Technology Symposium2019-11-06
New Town Construction DivisionGarbage Discovered Downstream of A7 Affordable Housing Buildings Not From the Development Zone2019-11-04
Buildidng Administration DivBarrier-free Environments in Buildings Urgent for Fair Participation and Rights Protection2019-11-01
Road Engineering DivisionPromoting the Recycling of Asphalt Central Government and Special Municipalities Promote Cold-Mix Asphalt Pavement Reclamation2019-10-31
New Town Construction DivisionKaohsiung Ciaotou Science and Technology Park Passes Urban Planning Review Construction and Planning Agency: Development Timetable Greatly Reduced2019-10-30
Northern Engineering OfficeNew Integration of Local Judicial Resources for Convenient Services2019-10-30
Buildidng Administration DivReduce the Chance of People Getting Trapped Ministry of the Interior: New Elevators Must Be Able to Return to the Nearest Floor During Blackouts2019-10-25
Management Administration DivPhased Seismic Retrofit Completed Demonstration Workshop Held on the 25th Came to a Successful End! Reinforcement Results Were Highly Praised2019-10-25
Urban and Rural Development BranchBehaviors Disturbing Wildlife are Punishable According to Law2019-10-21
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