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Public Housing DivisionCentral government actively makes inventory of the land the Construction and Planning Agency: the target of 200,000 units of social housing remains unchanged2019-10-17
Land Administration DivSubletting management scheme is the foundation of the rental market development which facilitates the homesteading of the underprivileged - it shall not be misunderstood2019-10-17
CPAMINational Park Announces 8th Accessible Event Venue2019-10-05
Public Works DivisionPromotion of common duct constructions in concert with the Forward-looking Infrastructure Development Program2019-08-21
Planning Administration DivImplementation of the Spatial Planning Act Spatial planning in municipalities, counties (cities) in progress2019-08-21
CPAMI"WildView" National Park Film Festival Begins in Mid-July2019-07-29
CPAMITian Tian's Big Adventure - 2019 National Park Theater Tour for Children2019-07-29
Kenting NPLove the Ocean; Reducing Plastic and Coexisting with the Ocean - Coral Reef Ecological Conservation Week 2019 Urges Plastic Reduction at the Source2019-05-27
National Parks DivOne of the Most Challenging Issues for National Parks: Management of the Proper Distance Between People and Wild Animals2019-03-21
CPAMITwo Incidents of Lost Civilians in the Shoushan Military Control Area within 4 Days - Public Please Keep Out!2018-09-28
CPAMITwo Additional Accessible Attractions in Kenting National Park Revealed2018-08-12
CPAMIWild Formosan Macaques receives the Gold Remi Award at the 2018 Houston Worldfest Film Festival2018-08-02
CPAMINational Park Photography Competition "Beauty of Taiwan" Starts Now2018-07-04
CPAMINational Park International Film Festival Welcome All2018-07-03
CPAMINational Park Children's Theatre "Happy Hearts of National Parks" Tours Around the Island!2018-06-15
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