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Kaohsiung Ciaotou Science and Technology Park Passes Urban Planning Review Construction and Planning Agency: Development Timetable Greatly Reduced
New Town Construction Division
Yesterday (29th), changes to the Kaohsiung Ciaotou Science and Technology Park's urban planning passed review by the City Planning Commission, Ministry of the Interior. Media reports are saying that Lin Yu-I - Chief of the Urban Development Bureau, Kaohsiung City Government - described this as "all talk and no walk". In response, the CPA stated that all relevant units in the government are working hard on the parallel promotion of urban planning, environmental impact assessment, zone expropriation, and fundraising. The goal is allowing enterprises to select sites and begin planning by the end of 2021. Chief Lin is welcome to join their efforts.

Miles Ahead in Schedule
Companies Can Select Sites and Begin Planning Factory Construction by 2021

According to the CPA, since the Executive Yuan decided on developing Ciaotou Science and Technology Park in July 2018, the Ministry of Science and Technology and Ministry of the Interior have actively handled various relevant operations. In particular, the feasibility assessment passed review on March 17 this year; the operation plan was amended and passed by the National Development Council in October; and changes to urban planning were finalized yesterday (29th) to determine the scope of development. Going forward, the project will follow the timetable of environmental impact assessment, as well as plan and finalize zone expropriation and public construction work.

The CPA stressed that in order to speed up the timetable for companies to start residence, it is expected that zone expropriation plans will be announced, and subsequent pricing procedures will be carried out as soon as environmental impact assessment is completed. With greatly shortened administrative procedures, it is expected that by the end of 2021, authorities will start accepting applications for low-price lands, and companies will be able to choose their sites to start factory construction planning in coordination with the Ministry of Science and Technology's efforts to attract investments.

Prioritize the Construction of Main Roads
Central Government Subsidizes Kaohsiung City Government with NT$440 Million

To construct main roads in Ciaotou Science and Technology Park that lead to the outside traffic system, the CPA has, under the orders of the Executive Yuan, provided subsidies to the Kaohsiung City Government through the New Town Development Fund, prioritizing Youqing Road, Daliao Road, and planned roads No.1-2 that connect with the Gangshan Interchange on Sun Yat-sen Freeway. For Youqing Road, the CPA has provided subsidies to land costs and compensation for superficies acquisition since December 2018, totaling NT$440 million. The construction work has been contracted out in October 2019, and the groundbreaking ceremony will be held in November. As for Daliao Road, the basic designs and funding have been reviewed. The Kaohsiung City Government expects to begin the open bid in November. The basic designs and funding for planned roads No.1-2 have also been reviewed, but since the construction projects require a larger sum of money, plans are expected to be sent to the Public Construction Commission for further review in November.

Kaohsiung City Government Vows to Actively Provide Assistance
Constructing the Ciaotou Science and Technology Park

As the CPA stated that since construction of the Ciaotou Science and Technology Park began in July 2018, the Executive Yuan, Ministry of Science and Technology, and the Ministry of the Interior have convened many consultation meetings. The Economic Development Bureau, Urban Development Bureau, Public Works Bureau, Environmental Protection Bureau, Land Administration Bureau, and Water Resources Bureau of Kaohsiung City Government all sent representatives to attend, and promised to provide active assistance. Negotiations between the parties fully demonstrated the administrative efficiency of central and local governments by dividing labor and collaborating. The CPA hopes to greatly shorten administrative procedures in order to grasp industry development opportunities. It is clear that the assertion made by Chief Lin of the Urban Development Bureau, Kaohsiung City Government was unfounded.

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