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The parking lot at Taroko Terrace will reduce the number of available parking spaces by 50%. Visitors are advised to consider using public transportation.
Taroko N.P.
The Central Epidemic Command Center lowered the epidemic alert to Level 2. Taroko Visitor Center remains open to visitors, and complies with the epidemic prevention guidelines set by the Central Epidemic Command Center. Measures include a real name system (provide your contact information), temperature measurement, single entrance and exit, and 50% reduction in parking spaces. People are requested to make good use of public transportation to visitor Taroko National Park. In addition, visitors to the Taroko Visitor Center are required to enter via the main entrance.

Taroko National Park Headquarters states that in accordance with the latest epidemic prevention guidelines and principles announced by the Central Epidemic Command Center, Taroko Terrace parking lot is reduced by 50% occupancy. The parking lot will be flexibly adjusted according to the on-site conditions and service quality. It must be closed when necessary to reduce the flow of people in the recreational areas. Recently, tourist buses are relatively less than prior to the epidemic. In order to disperse the flow of people, bus parking spaces will be opened for small vehicles. Effort will also be enhanced to strengthen the control of illegal parking.

Taroko National Park HQ welcomes people to visit Taroko National Park during the summer vacation, but to adhere to epidemic prevention measures.

Taroko National ParkHQ Visitor Center
Photo: Taroko National ParkHQ Visitor Center
Taroko TerraceParking Lot
Photo: Taroko TerraceParking Lot
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