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Truku Tribal Music Festival kicks off on March 12, 2022!
Taroko N.P.
The Truku people are nourished by mountains and rivers and have fostered a profound culture that is integrated with the mountains and forests. The Jew's Harp Guild, Xylophone, ballads, dance, weaving, and rattan weaving are some of the proud cultural features of the Truku people. You are cordially invited to participate in this year's first session of Turku cultural activities held at the Taroko Terrace on the afternoon of March 12 (Saturday), 2022.

The Taroko National Park Headquarters states that the Truku Tribal Music Festival will be held over four sessions on the following dates: March 12, June 11, September 3, and December 3. Each performance is 80 minutes with various themes, including the traditional songs, dances, and creative singers. In addition to singing and dancing, there will also be performances paired with the traditional musical instruments of the Truku tribe, including the Jew's Harp Guild, Xylophone of The Truku tribe, and short flute. In addition, visitors can enjoy creative songs sung in the Truku language.

In addition to music and dance, Gele Wenchuan Studio from the Datong-Dali community was specially invited to assist with the traditional cultural experience activities. The head of the studio, Ms. Dumoon Ma Shao, integrates traditional skills into modern life and transforms them into small and creative souvenirs. She has many years of teaching experience. This year's four sessions are arranged in order of table woven cloth, card weaving, rattan weaving, and bamboo weaving. These traditional skills have been instilled with innovative practices in recent years. The content of this year's activities include a cultural overview and practical experience with a variety of diverse and rich themes.

The Taroko National Park Headquarters states that the Truku Tribal Music Festival will be held over four sessions from 2:30 pm to 3:50 pm. The traditional cultural experience activities will take place at each session from 1:00 pm to 3:00 pm.

The upcoming tribal music festival on the afternoon of March 12, 2022, will feature the AO Group, the Canyon Duet, and the Canyon Music and Dance Culture and Art Exchange Association. The theme for this session's traditional cultural experience activity is table-style woven cloth. Miss Dumoon Ma Shao will give a detailed explanation of the cultural connotation of Truku tribe's traditional craftsmanship, and under her guidance, participants can make a handmade bracelet.

In the afternoon of March 12, 2022, you are invited to the Taroko Terrace (the large lawn outside the Taroko National Park Headquarters Visitor Center) to watch the Truku people tell stories with music and dance. The activity is free of charge. The number of participants in the "Traditional Culture Experience" activity is limited to 20 people. Please register by phone two days before each activity. The registration number is (03) 8621100 ext. 806 Miss Liu, until the quota is full. Anyone interested is welcome to participate.



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