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According to Executive Yuan's Expanded Epidemic Prevention Meeting, the national epidemic regulations have been downgraded to a Level 2 alert as of July 27, 2021.
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Publish on 2021-07-29
The national epidemic regulations have been downgraded to a Level 2 alert as of July 27, 2021.

According to Executive Yuan's Expanded Epidemic Prevention Meeting, the national epidemic regulations have been downgraded to a Level 2 alert as of July 27, 2021. Taroko National Park Headquarters (hereinafter referred to as the Taroko N. P. HQ) takes into consideration the needs of visitors. Control measures of various recreational areas in Taroko National Park will be adjusted following the latest epidemic prevention guidelines of the Central Epidemic Command Center.

The following control measures have been adjusted following the downgrade to a national Level 2 alert.
Open indoor exhibition halls and outdoor recreational areas:
Open indoor exhibition halls include:

Taroko National Park Headquarters Visitor Center, Buluowan, Tianxiang, and Mt. Hehuan Service Stations. All exhibition halls have implemented a real-name system to control the number of tourists entering the buildings. The maximum limit of people allowed in the exhibition hall will be 50.
Open outdoor recreational areas include:
Shanyue Suspension Bridge remains open for 40% of the reservation quota (100 people), and the on-site queue is closed. Wuling Observation Platform can accommodate up to 52 people at a time. Available parking spaces at all parking lots will be reduced by 50%. Heliu and Lushui campgrounds are open, but visitors are advised to register with the real-name system, wear a face mask at all times, and maintain social distancing.
Taroko N. P. HQ will request the district police, forestry, and highway units to strengthen traffic guidance and use the official website, Facebook, highway information boards, and police radio station to announce information on the traffic flow to Hehuan Mountain area. This will enable tourists to obtain information as well as divert people and vehicles in real-time. Parking lots will reduce the number of available parking spaces by 50%. The flow of people will be monitored according to the on-site conditions and close if necessary.

Ecological Protection Areas and Trails opening conditions in the Park:
The ecological protection areas (including trails) and other control area trails (Zhuilu Old Road, etc.), including mountain cabins, will remain closed. Lushui trail is closed due to ongoing construction work aimed to reinforce safety.
Trail openings are as follows: Shakadang, Baiyang, Dekalun, Datong-Dali, Huoran Pavilion, Changchun Shrine, Chongde, Huide, Xiaozhulu, Tunnel of Nine Turns (Jiuqudong), Swallow Grotto (Yanzikou), Lushui-Wenshan, Mt. Hehuan Main Peak, Mt. Shimen, Xiaoqilai, Hehuan North Peak and Hehuan West Peak, Hehuan East Peak, Mt. Hehuanjian, Mt. Pingfeng, Hehuan River trail. The above trails will be open for tourists to engage in recreational activities.
Visitors should abide by the epidemic regulations such as outdoor gatherings not exceeding 100 people and wearing masks at all times. Taroko N. P. HQ will make adjustments at any time depending on the on-site situation and whether visitors comply with the epidemic prevention regulations.

Recreation area shop management:
Service areas (shops and hotels) in the Park include:
Taroko National Park Headquarter visitor center, Buluowan terrace, 3 Buildings and 5 Rooms at Buluowan, Taroko Village Hotel at Buluowan, Tianxiang, Bilu Sacred Tree, and Xiaofengkou. Stores will resume operation, and dining is available abiding by the regulations of the Ministry of Health and Welfare.

The COVID-19 epidemic alert has not been lifted yet. Please be alert and follow the COVID-19 epidemic prevention regulations.

In addition, if the Hualien County Government or Xiulin Township Office has stricter epidemic control or closure measures, the Taroko N. P. HQ will also cooperate and follow the regulations. Due to the epidemic situation remaining at a Level 2 alert, tourists are still urged to comply with various epidemic prevention regulations, such as wearing masks at all times and avoiding 50 or more people in an indoor area and 100 or more people in an outside gathering. It also calls on relevant business operators to consider whether they can meet applicable epidemic prevention regulations before providing services.

Photo 1: Baiyang Trail
Photo 1: Baiyang Trail
Photo 2: Mt. Hehuan Service Station
Photo 2: Mt. Hehuan Service Station
Last Updated on 2021-07-29
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