2017 National Park Film Festival begins! Let's explore the secrets of Taiwan national parks with celebrated d
Last Updated on 2017-06-21
All national parks in Taiwan co-organized the 2017 National Park Festival. The two festival sections include the main show at the Construction and Planning Agency (CPA) and local show at park preparatory office or part headquarters (visitor centers). Ten extra-spectacular films on ecology and humanities directed by international award-winning directors will be presented in seven sessions in the main show to take audiences to see the most spectacular ridges, mountain ranges, coasts and islands across the seas and forests in Taiwan, in order to explore the rarely seen secret beauty of Taiwan.

Five celebrated directors including Dong-hun Liao, Kai-de Liang, Jin-fa Chen, Shang-wen Yang, and Shi-yi Liu will personally share with audiences the challenges in production and the wonderful and touching moments in the shooting process. Park preparatory office and headquarters (visitor centers) will also launch representative works and festival local show 99 sessions with free admission. Audiences will also receive a DVD of the featured film of the session and a 3D souvenir available in a limited quantity. Rare opportunities require immediate applications. Family visits are welcome.

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