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Building and Construction Enforcement Rules of the Architects Act(建築師法施行細則) 2011-04-25
Building and Construction Building Act(建築法) 2011-01-05
National Parks National Park Law(國家公園法) 2010-12-08
Urban Regeneration Urban Renewal Act(都市更新條例 ) 2010-05-12
New Town Construction Regulation on Use Control of Lands and Buildings within New Town Special Areas before Implementation of Overall Development(新市鎮特定區實施整體開發前區內土地及建築物使用管制辦法 ) 2009-06-25
New Town Construction New Town Development Act(新市鎮開發條例) 2009-05-27
Public Works Notes to the Design Standards of Urban Roads and Accessory Works (市區道路及附屬工程設計標準) 2009-04-15
Public Works Enforcement Rulefor Sewerage Law(下水道法施行細則) 2007-06-05
Public Works Sewerage Law(下水道法) 2007-01-03
Public Works Urban Road Act(市區道路條例) 2005-01-07
New Town Construction Regulation on Sale and Lease of New Town Lands through Tendering(新市鎮土地標售標租辦法) 2003-06-17
National Parks The amendment to the regulation governing the activities prohibited in the domain of Yangmingshan National Park(陽明山國家公園區域內禁止事項) 2002-11-12
Public Works Regulations on Use Procedure, Boundary Determination, Registration, Requisition, and Compensation of Air and Underground Right Of Common Duct System(共同管道系統使用土地上空或地下之使用程序使用範圍界線劃分登記徵收及補償審核辦法) 2002-05-01
Public Works Enforcement Rules of Common Duct Act(共同管道法施行細則) 2001-12-28
Public Works Regulations on Cost Allotment of Common Duct Construction and Management(共同管道建設及管理經費分攤辦法) 2001-12-19
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