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Public Works Statute for Collection of Community Development Fees by Construction Projects(工程受益費徵收條例) 2000-11-08
Public Works Common Duct Act(共同管道法) 2000-06-14
Land Use Planning Regional Planning Act(區域計畫法) 2000-01-26
New Town Construction Regulation on Tax Reduction Encouragement for Introduction of Industries into New Towns(新市鎮產業引進稅捐減免獎勵辦法) 1999-10-25
New Town Construction Enforcement Rules for the New Town Development Act(新市鎮開發條例施行細則) 1999-10-16
New Town Construction Regulation for Encouraging Joint Stock Companies Limited to Invest in Construction of New Towns (股份有限公司投資新市鎮建設獎勵辦法) 1999-04-12
New Town Construction Regulation on Examination of Investment Plans for New Town Lands Sold or Leased through Tendering(新市鎮土地標售標租投資計畫審查準則) 1999-02-05
National Parks The Directions to Note Regarding Applications for Natural Specimen Collection Certification of Kinmen National Park Headquarters, Construction and Planning Administration, Ministry of Interior(內政部營建署金門國家公園學術研究標本採集證申請須知) 1998-12-04
New Town Construction Regulation on Preferential Sale and Lease of Dwelling Houses in New Towns(新市鎮住宅優先出售出租辦法) 1998-09-22
New Town Construction Regulation on Tendering Sale, Lease and Management of Dwelling Houses and Commercial, Industrial and Other Urban Service Facilities in New To(新市鎮住宅商業工業及其他都市服務設施標售標租及管理辦法) 1998-08-15
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